PU Engineering Company

We develop the know-how you need!

  • PU Engineering develops equipment and know-how for generating polyester polyols and chemical recycling of polyurethane (PU) rigid and flexible residues into high quality recycling polyol.
  • We are able  to develop a complete industrial PU system – from the polyester production recipe and technology to the polyurethane formulation of the industrial line.
  • We develop also equipment and processing technologies for efficient storage, measurement and mixing of chemicals. 

We plan, manufacture and service the following systems:


Equipment and processing technologies for the efficient, flexible and reliable storage and metering of chemicals.


PU Engineering develops equipment and know-how for generating polyester polyol based on adipic acid as well as aromatic polyester polyols based on natural oils, PET and phthalic anhydride (PA).


Equipment and know-how for the chemical recycling of polyurethane (PU)  rigid or flexible foam into high quality recycling polyol. 


Installations for precise and safe mixing of homogeneous (liquid) and heterogeneous systems with high precision. Whether working at atmospheric, high or low pressure, our mixing systems always prove precision repeatability.


PU Engineering produces high-quality stainless steel heat exchangers according to customer’s requirements.