Bio  polyester polyols (PET/PA)

PU Engineering  works on innovations in various technology fields to improve the properties of existing biopolymers, creating a personal know-how.
We can demonstrate the potential of manufacturing bio based raw materials for the PU industry by means of ecological, rational and economical process, without lack on quality.
With the imposition of European Energy  Efficiency Directive  and the development of chemical technique, currently the rigid PU systems mark a real consumer boom. The huge increase in the consumption of rigid polyurethane foams is the reason for the increased demand for raw materials for their production – the aromatic polyester polyols.

The ordinary chemical process for polyester production was optimized by PU Engineering.  Using natural oils we are able to produce aromatic polyester polyols with high quality at a low cost. 

The aromatic polyester polyols created by  PU Engineering are highly functional products. This is thanks to the built-in natural oils.
As a result to that of A-component can be used about 10% less of expensive highly functional polyether. Thus was obtained a greater reduction of the final cost of the A-component.

PU Engineering’s process has the following advantages:

  • lower price
  • Short production time (aprox. 12h / 25t reactor)

  • Achieving high functionality thanks to natural oils

  • Have high aroma content for extremely high quality PIR products

  • High degree of mixing with physical foaming agents

PU panel insolation




PU spray foam