PU Engineering’s blending stations

Our Blending stations are engineered to blend chemicals by weight.

Blends are verified through the on-board metrology then transferred to the day tank maintaining constant temperature and pressure controlled supply to the production areas.

All process parameters are monitored via an electronic control system. The whole process is visualized via an flow diagram which displays all parameter.

With attention to detail – BUFFERAD®

Additives for the polyurethane industry must be added to the A-component in the blender extremely accurately – with a precision of up to 0.5 grams

To this end, we have developed an innovative buffer mechanism that is positioned between the pump and the metering mechanism for the amount of added additive. This excludes the creation of pressure in the metering mechanism as well as the inaccuracies occurring when the pump stop signal is delayed.

BUFFERAD® as an integral part of PU ENGINEERING blenders and ensures unmatched repeatability of the formulated component.


PU Engineering's blendings stations

  • highly precise dosing and re-producibility thanks to the BUFFERAD® developed by us

  • Precise temperature control

  • Precise dosing even the smallest quantities

  • No influence from gas bubbles in the product
  • Free from density changes
  • Intelligent recipe management